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Office Hours instructors

adena cartsonis

FB: Adena Cartsonis


Poomsae and Flexibility

joshua sheng

FB: Joshua Sheng


Sparring, Poomsae Fundamentals, Kicking

ERIN Clingerman

FB: Erin Clingerman


Fundamentals and Poomsae

julia smith

FB: julia.smoth

Email: (Easier to reach me on FB)

Kicking, Stretching, Fundamentals and Form/Technique, Poomsae (TG 1 - Pyongwon, Chongkwan offense/defense, not including Nohai)

victor zhao

FB: vzhao1981


Sparring, Poomsae Fundamentals, Kicking

What are office hours?

Office hours are a chance to ask questions, get some more practice, and receive individual feedback outside of regular class time. Whether it's poomsae, sparring drills, or kicking, come by for some extra practice!

If you want to attend, reach out to an instructor/black belt of your choosing and they will work with you to arrange a time and place. Please come prepared with questions or a goal you'd like to work towards. Office hours are not classes and are meant to be more student-driven rather than instructors providing a lesson plan.

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