Master Chong has served as the head instructor of the University of Michigan Taekwondo Club since 1968. He is a former President of the United States Taekwondo Union, a former member of the WT council, and has served as head of the US National Taekwondo Team. His students have included Olympic Gold Medalist Lynette Love and Bronze Medalist Han Wan Lee. In addition to being the U of M Master Instructor, Master Chong is formerly a Lecturer in the Division of Kinesiology, and taught the Beginning Taekwondo and Advanced Taekwondo courses for the U-Move Program.

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Master Busch is the Master Instructor of the U of M Taekwondo Club and has been involved in Taekwondo for over 30 years, starting at the University of Michigan in 1987.  After serving as a club officer, he became an instructor in 1991 and served in that capacity until 2002, when he relocated to South Bend, IN.  Master Busch then became an instructor at Hong's USA Taekwond where he taught advanced classes and sparring.  His students included the. University of Notre Dame Taekwondo club. Master Busch returned to the area in 2005 and resumed teaching at UM.  Master Busch is a certified referee.

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David Reitz is a seasoned competitor hailing from Master Russell Gale's school in Plymouth, MI. David's recent accomplishments have included winning gold at the 2017 USAT National Championships in the men's black belt featherweight division. He is currently ranked #2 in the nation for this division.



 Ayo, it's ya boi Hyoung. If you don’t already know me, I’m a senior studying Philosophy, a 3rd Dan Black Belt, and I’m also the cult, I MEAN *club's* supreme leader, I MEAN *President*. You can typically either find me sleeping, om nom nom-ing on some gud fud, somehow practicing my Catholic faith, or continuing to think deep thoughts while making zero monies :D 


Hyoung Cho




Hello! I’m Alicia, and I am a senior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Crime and Justice. I’m a 2nd Dan Black Belt and Vice President, meaning I am in charge of alumni connections, fundraising, and maintaining our drip. I'm also one of the co-leaders of our Demo Team, so catch us at a performance sometime!


Alicia Wang



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Jehoon the team captain of Umich Taekwondo. He has an injured knee and is craving the D1 status. He tends to talk in third person because he is working on story telling. He is a currently pursuing a degree in Biochem and Neuroscience and is following the premed track. He wishes you all the best, and welcomes everyone to the team. GO BLUE!!


Jehoon Seo




Hi everyone! I joined UMTKD as a freshman and am now a senior double majoring in English and Creative Writing (haha, what are jobs?). As secretary, I keep track of club members' information, manage attendance, and bother you guys with lots of fun emails :) Outside of the club, I enjoy reading and writing (obviously), and obsessively listening to certain artists' music. I love this club very much and I look forward to meeting you guys! :)


Andrea Wong




Hey everyone, my name is Adena Cartsonis and I'm currently a sophomore second dan studying Architecture and some Computer Science. As one of the club's Travel Coordinators, I'll be sharing responsibility for making sure club members depart to and return from competitions (both physically and mentally) in one piece. In my free time I enjoy reading copious amounts of manga/manhwa and listening to music. Looking forward to meeting and getting to know everyone!


Adena cartsonis 




Hello! My name is Joshua Sheng and I am the travel coordinator for the UMich Taekwondo team. I am a current junior at the school of kinesiology studying movement science and sports management. I am a 4th Dan black belt and I welcome all to join our team! Hope to see all of you soon! GO BLUE!


Joshua Sheng



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Hi ya'll! I'm Jennifer, I'm a blue belt and an International Studies major. As treasurer, I manage the club's finances and obsess (stress) over spreadsheets. Fun fact: I grew up moving around Asia! My hobbies include rewatching Vines, worrying about everything, and drinking boba :D


Jennifer Kim




Hi, I'm Nuala Kennedy, a junior studying art and design at STAMPS and current green belt. As media editor for the club, I take pictures and videos of events such as tournaments, belt tests, and other shenanigans. Outside of TKD, I enjoy skiing, watching anime, and dreaming of the day I can retire. In the meantime, however, I like my role as media editor and I'm looking forward to a great year with the club!


Nuala Kennedy




Hi! My name is Victor, and I'm currently a sophomore suffering through premed. I am your webmaster, meaning the website (and a few other things) belong to me and only me >:) muah ha ha. I've been doing Taekwondo for 13 years now, but outside of that, I'm always down for boba or a late-night study sesh. Can't wait to get to know you all!


Victor Zhao




Hi everyone! I'm Orestes Rellos, this year's TKD Equipment Manager! That means my goal is to help facilitate all your equipment needs; if you have any equipment emergencies, feel free to contact me; really, I have a terrible sleep schedule, so I am awake very late. I am a senior in Political Science, a 1st Geup; just don't ask me to do all the Poomsae, and an avid book reader. Outside of TKD, I am mostly just perpetually existing, so let's all have a great year!


Orestes Rello




Hi everyone! I'm a senior studying UX in SI and I am your social chair! This means I get to plan all the fun events for us outside of Taekwondo. Some other facts about me include I love tea, cooking, and exploring anything new.


Jina Kim